Who We Are


Trivanta is an industry leading marketing platform designed for the efficient and timely disposition of net leased income property.

Our primary focus is on net leased retail and restaurants, which are on a long term lease to well-established national or regional brands. Many of these are publically traded or have rated debt. They are located across the United States in major metropolitan areas, as well as strategic secondary and tertiary markets. Compared to other types of real estate investments, these assets provide investors with the greatest potential to generate consistent and predictable income and the opportunity for appreciation.

Our Focus

We specialize in seller representation and our clients are typically build-to-suit developers, existing owners of net lease income property, and tenants who want to sell the real estate they own and lease it back on a long term basis, commonly known as a “Sale-Leaseback.” Our assignments range from marketing single assets to large portfolios...

The principals at Trivanta have sold over $2.4 billion worth of net leased income property and are highly regarded as some of the most active and successful investment sales professionals in the industry.


Trivanta principals and senior executives have a long track record advising corporate retailers, franchisees, and private equity companies. Entering into a sale-leaseback enables such companies the ability to unlock the capital embedded in their owned real estate assets, financing 100% or more of new facility cost freeing up much needed capital for growth, and merger and acquisition funding.

What Makes Us Unique

Over the last 25 years, Trivanta principals and senior executives have been on the executive team, as well as franchisees of high growth retail/restaurant companies such as Blockbuster, TGI Friday's, Harbor Freight Tools, Starbucks, Boston Market, Radio Shack and Einstein’s/Noah’s Bagel. By actually being a tenant our principals have developed vast tenant relationships. This network has created a valuable spider web that extends throughout the industry. We have direct access to information from the tenants themselves that is not readily available to the typical investment sales professional...

In addition our principals and senior executives have consulted for many national retail and restaurant companies such as; Walgreens, Mattress Firm, Starbucks, Verizon, ATT, Wells Fargo, Petco, Office Depot, CVS, Kinko’s, Einstein’s/Noah’s Bagels, Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, and Boston Market. This gives our team a distinct advantage when it comes to understanding the many complex and challenging issues that affect developers, franchise owners, real estate executives, and private equity companies.

Our Approach

Technology has evened the playing field among commercial real estate brokerage companies. Access to buyers on a national level is no longer a fair litmus test of a good broker. Finding the right buyer at the right time and creating competitive leverage thus ensuring the highest price and greatest likelihood of closing is. Trivanta sets a new benchmark for how sellers access the right buyer...

While we utilize all distribution channels to expose our listings to the public, most of the known listing websites have become graveyards for unsalable real estate and outdated offerings. Trivanta treats buyer attention as a scarce commodity. We’ve developed a proven strategy for delivering our exclusive listings, within a short amount of time, to the most likely buyers and in a manner that demands their immediate attention. Buyers of net leased investment real estate tend to be hands-off, passive landlords and often real estate is merely one investment tool rather than their profession. Many of these investors are under time constraints, due to a 1031 or 1033 tax deferred exchange, and their need to simplify the search process and quickly consume pertinent information tends to be key to their decision making. Trivanta marketing caters to this audience. We deliver thorough but concise financial, tenant, lease, property, and location information while filtering out all that is redundant, unimportant or irrelevant.

Our Advantage

Our proprietary database of principals and brokers is unmatched among net leased investment sales professionals. Trivanta has invested heavily in research tools and personnel allowing us to capture real time data on recent property sales, property availability and the most active and likely buyers within any asset class. Our national and singularly focused approach to net leased investment sales allows us to spot market trends before they occur. Our relationships with and access to retailers are second to none amongst investment sales professionals...

In many cases, we know which tenants are expanding and in what regions of the country before new build-to-suit leases are signed. This combination allows us to establish accurate forward thinking pricing and a targeted marketing plan in advance of our competition. Consequently, we are able to pre-sell many new assets prior to project completion. The principals of Trivanta are recognized nationally as market makers and claim direct responsibility for CAP rate compression associated with several brand name tenants during the last 24 month period.

Our Process

Trivanta consists of teams in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Austin, with each team member given dedicated responsibilities for every stage of the sale transaction including marketing, due diligence coordination, escrow management, and client reporting. By eliminating internal competition, our interests remain aligned with our clients.

We value buyer representation and believe in 100% active cooperation with outside brokers.